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We offer a professional, standard 9-hole golf course.

Are you up for the challenge?

Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy is one of the most picturesque and challenging courses in the region appealing to novice golfers and professionals alike.

It’s position on the Banks of the River Tees provides breathtaking views and a real test of Golf with the option to play 18 holes using five different Tee boxes on the second 9 holes.

As well as our professional standard course, the Academy offers a putting practice area, a short game area, and a floodlit two-tier driving range.

Add to that our PGA golf coach, a golf superstore stocking equipment and clothing by all the major brands and our superb bistro for a relaxing drink or something more substantial, Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy is a hidden treasure with something for everyone.

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Ingleby Barwick scorecard


Holes 1 & 10


The 1st and 10th hole is a par 4 and officially the most difficult on the course being a stroke index 1 (stroke index 10 on the second 9 holes).

From the white tee marker the distance to the front of the green is 375 yds.

The fairway slopes down left to right, towards the River Tees, therefore it is essential to keep the ball left and ensure you get off to a good start.

Holes 2 & 11


The second hole is a demanding par 3 with water to the right and to the front of the Green.

Accuracy is the key to this hole. The green contours down towards the stream, therefore aiming for the back of the green is the safest option.

The yardage is 143 yards to the white tee markers.

When playing from the 11th tee it measures 145 yards and with the tee at a different angle, the hole takes on a completely new look.

Holes 3 & 12


The 3rd hole is a par 4 and measures a total of 373 yards from the white tee.

It is a good opportunity to pull the driver from the bag, although there is water on the right and plantation on the left.

The main obstacle on the hole is the water situated at the front of the green.

When playing from the 12th tee, the hole is considerably longer at 417 yards and brings in the water off the tee becoming more of a left to right dogleg.

While it’s a par 4, it may be better to lay up your second shot or it will involve a large carry over water.

Holes 4 & 13


This is a par 3 and again there is water to the front of the green.

Negotiating this successfully and landing on the green can result in a birdie opportunity.

From the white tee markers, the distance to the front of the green is 145 yards.

Holes 5 & 14


The fifth hole is a dog leg par 4 . There is however a temptation to go the direct route and angle the ball over the water and plantation, which is fraught with danger.

The safe option is to bring the fairway into play, although the big hitters should be wary of the River Tees immediately in front of you.

The hole measures 387 yards from the white tees.

When playing from the 14th tee the distance is 329 yards and while the hole is shorter from this tee it runs adjacent to the River Tees and the fairway narrows at the point where your tee shot would land with a driver.

The sensible option is an iron off the tee.

Holes 6 & 15


The 6th hole is a par 5 measures 483 yards in length.

From the tee there are two bunkers and a plantation situated to the left of the fairway with the River Tees on the right, which comes into play in the approach shots and therefore great accuracy is required.

There is a bunker also guarding the left hand front of the green which makes the shot into the green that little bit more difficult.

Holes 7 & 16


The 7th hole is a par 3 measuring 160 yards from the white tees, water is present both left and right of the green if caught coming up short.

Send it long and you could find yourself in the trees, again great accuracy is required and obtaining a par is very satisfying.

The 16th hole measures 197 yards from the white tees and against the prevailing westerly wind you may need a driver.

This is one of the most challenging par 3’s on the course.

Holes 8 & 17


The 8th and 17th hole can be quite enticing at 323 yards.

A good drive can put you in excellent shape to capture a birdie.

Going left is out of bounds and going right will find the trees.

Definitely a hole to play with control.

Holes 9 & 18


The 9th hole is a par 3 measuring 166 yards from the white tee.

A straight ball from the tee will give a good birdie opportunity, as long as you don’t come up short and find the waiting bunkers which are front right and front left of the hole.

When playing from the 18th tee, this is a 224 yard par 3 and a really good test to finish off your round.

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